Refurbishing cylinders: Restoring medical oxygen cylinders2019-09-25T12:11:53+02:00

Refurbishing cylinders 

Refurbishing cylinders which are in poor condition takes three days. The cylinders will be refurbished in four steps. First of all, the cylinder wil be hydrostatic pressure tested. Secondly, the cylinder will be sand sprayed and painted. Thirdly, the cylinder will be inspected. Finally the cylinder will be refilled with medical Oxygen.

How we work:

  1.  Send a request containing the following information:
    • Amount of cylinders 
    • Cylinder sizes
    • Picture (if possible)
  2. Seafarma will reply with an offer.
  3. After approval an order can be placed including a specification on when the cylinder needs to be refurbished.
  4. Seafarma will make arrangements and email the packing list and further details.
  5. The cylinders can be brought to our warehouse in Woerden.
  6. Seafarma will notify when the cylinders can be picked up in Woerden.


  • A surcharge will apply if the cylinders need to be emptied.
  • Lead time for refurbishing cylinders is three days.

Is the Lead time refurbishing cylinders to long? 

If you have no time to wait for refurbishing your cylinders we can trade your cylinders for refurbished cylinders.  See our trading cylinders page.

Frequently askes questions?

What is the lead time for filling cylinders with medical Oxygen?2019-04-14T19:55:07+02:00

The lead time for filling cylinders with medical Oxygen is approximately 1.5L/pm.

Sizes Minutes
40L 60
10L 15
5L 7,5
2L 3
Is it possible to arrange transport for cylinders?2019-04-14T19:53:48+02:00

Yes, we can arrange transport for the cylinders from our warehouse in Spijkenisse to our warehouse in Woerden.

Has my medical Oxygen cylinder been validly hydrostatic pressure tested?2019-04-14T19:57:54+02:00

The date of the hydrostatic pressure test should be engraved in the shoulder of the cylinder. If you cannot find any engravement on the cylinder, the cylinder needs to be hydrostatic pressure tested before it can be filled. If you do not understand the engravement on your cylinder, you can send a picture to our staff.

What is the lead time for the pressure testing of medical Oxygen bottles?2019-04-14T19:59:09+02:00

It takes one day to hydrostatic pressure test cylinders. Cylinders of 40L and larger can only be hydrostatic pressure tested on Tuesday.

When do the cylinders need to be hydrostatic pressure tested ?2019-04-14T19:59:37+02:00

Cylinders have to be hydrostatic pressure tested every 5 ye