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Mission and vision


Securing the health and safety of the people working in the marine through the means of medicine and medical supplies.


Maintain and consolidate our position in the shipchandlers and offshore industry and move to new marine related markets by running an excellent operation and excelling in customer intimacy  so that we can deliver high service for low prices.

About Seafarma

Who we are

Seafarma Department Pharmacy Apotheek Vogelakker bv is a medical supply company which was founded in 1990 and is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our core activities are (re) certification of vessels medical cabinet and supplying medicines, medical supplies and other related products. Our markets include ship chandlers, Offshore,

international shipping, inland shipping, cruise and luxury yachts. Our offshore market includes production platforms, oil rigs, and offshore vessels. We have a dedicated team of nine employees skilled in pharmacy that work around the clock to provide the cetificates, medicine, medical supplies and advice for a favorable price.